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Little Crow Gunworks LLC
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Telephone: 320-796-0530
E-mail Address: littlecrowgunworks@clearwire.net

See our NEW WFT
(World's Finest Trimmer)
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World's Finest Trimmer

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RPP (Roll Pin Pusher)

Little Crow Gunworks, Custom Rifles & Gunsmithing

Welcome to Little Crow Gunworks, LLC. We specialize in building ultra-accurate hunting rifles without sacrificing function or reliability.

We're proud to sell our own WFT, WFT2, and Big Boy Trimmers.

  • The WFT was developed as a precision tool built to last a lifetime (or more) and uses a source of power most people already own – a 3/8" cordless or electric drill.shells.
  • The WFT 2 is our next generation of WFT trimmers. The two main differences are:
    • the ability to trim up to 45 caliber - the WFT 2 has a half inch shaft and requires a half inch chuck to drive it
    • interchangeable trim chambers
  • The “Big Boy” WFT was designed from the ground up to trim cartridges as large as the .50 BMG allows the use of interchangeable trim chambers. The "Big Boy" WFT is suited for ultra large cartridges starting with the .338 Lapua.

We are proud to offer you a full spectrum of rifles from GT, our new workhorse, to exhibition quality classic rifles. The focus of our new GT rifle was to develop a rugged tackdriver with top of the line components and short delivery times.

GT stands for "Go To". As a rifle builder we take great pride in building a rifle that our clients are going to throw in the truck for every hunt that comes along.

GT Rifle features:

  • Tuned Remington Model 700 action ( Yes, we provide the action!)
  • Matte blue finish
  • Premium Lothar Walther stainless steel barrel in your choice of caliber, length, & twists
  • tuned Remington trigger with minimum pull weight of 2 1/2 lbs
  • H/S precision fiberglass stock, skim bedded for a perfect fit

FYI ... Firearms may be shipped to and from Little Crow Gunworks, LLC by common carrier (US Mail, UPS, Fed Ex) for repair or customization without going through a FFL.


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